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Our Story

As Antebies, we design the sleeping world of happy individuals with the awareness that sleep is of great importance in child development. By combining modern lines with traditional touches, we offer products that are sensitive to nature and society, designed according to the needs of children at every step from birth to childhood. Our aim is to protect the smiles on children's faces by eliminating the distinction between street and home wear for children aged 0-12.

Antebies is a sister company of Mayteks Örme Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, a well-established family company founded in 1983 and all our products are manufactured in Mayteks facilities.Mayteks started its operations in the sector as a knitted fabric factory in Izmir, Turkey. Today, with a closed production area of 45.000m2 and more than 600 employees, Mayteks has become one of the strongest companies in the market in its activities covering knitted fabric, dyeing, printing and garment production.Mayteks has continued its development by specializing in certified organic production with universal validity. Mayteks' resources combined with our passion for organic and our exciting adventure at Antebies began. 

In 2015, the first steps of ANTEBIES were taken...Staying true to our unchanging principles, at Antebies we offer soft collections made with nature-friendly, organic cotton.